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Cosplay Q&A: At Pax East With Cosplayer Claudia


Intrigued by her Lulu from League of Legends costume, we had to find out more.

One of the greatest parts of any convention like PAX East is seeing fans show off the costumes they worked so hard on. Through all the pin-pricked fingers, ripped seams, and mistakes, people learn new skills and have fun just dressing up as a character for the day. We’d like to get to know these people better, so The Escapist sat down with Claudia, who hit PAX East on Saturday in her Lulu costume from League of Legends, decked out in purple face paint and her staff. She’s been cosplaying for several years and cautions new cosplayers not to rush into costumes last minute.

The Escapist: How did you get into cosplay?

Claudia: Well, I’m a fan of video games and anime, and I have friends who are also fans, so we decided to go to Otakon [annual anime convention held in Baltimore] one year and didn’t cosplay the first year. We saw everyone dress up, and at that point we were like, “This looks really cool. We should try it.” It went from there, and the next time we went, we cosplayed. I guess I wasn’t aware before that everyone could do it.

The Escapist: How did you make your Lulu costume?

Claudia: I actually had my mom help me sew the costume. I shop at thrift stores a lot because it’s cheaper, and you don’t have to buy the fabric, and you can modify things. The wig I bought, of course. The hat I made myself with fabric and a wire outline. For my weapon – my staff – I used a broomstick and spray foam.

The Escapist: Would that be expanding foam?

Claudia: Yeah, exactly.

The Escapist: Which part of the costume was the hardest to make?

Claudia: The hat, definitely. The hat was the hardest for me because I had never made a hat before. Just molding the wire and the sewing the fabric around it was just – I mean, it doesn’t look amazing, but it’s whatever.

The Escapist: Did you pattern it from scratch?

Claudia: No, I just kind of winged it, which worked and didn’t at the same

The Escapist: Is there anything you’d like to redo?

Claudia: Eventually, all of it. Once I learn to sew myself I feel like I could do a really good job and take the time. I tend to do things very last minute sometimes because other things in life come up. Next time I’d like to take the full amount of time to work on it.

The Escapist: What is your favorite part of your costume?

Claudia: I love wearing wigs. It’s fun, and it’s such a drastic change to your appearance. Otherwise, I guess the dress.

The Escapist: Why Lulu?

Claudia: I play League of Legends; that’s pretty much the answer. I’m cosplaying as a role I enjoy playing.

The Escapist: If you met somebody new getting into cosplay, what would
you tell them?

Claudia: Don’t aim too high. Don’t do something too involved for your first costume unless you already have craftsmanship experience. And be patient. For me, I had to look everything up on the internet when I started. Ease your way into it. That’s the best advice I can give. I’m still learning, too. Oh, and face paint is a bitch.

In the future, Claudia plans on making even more League of Legends costumes. Naturally, she’s going to keep playing League of Legends as well.

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