Craigslist Videogame Scammers About To Face Court


Just a head’s up: If you scam hundreds of people out of their money, don’t be surprised when you wind up facing a lawsuit from the Attorney General’s office.

Two men who ran a Craigslist scam involving videogame sales have wound up on the wrong side of the law and are now facing charges. Late last week, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that his office is filing lawsuits against Nicholas Lamb and Robert White, who apparently ran a scam on the site where they were ripping people off while pretending to sell videogames, consoles, phones, and phone cards.

The DA’s office has filed lawsuits against the two, claiming that Lamb and White used Craigslist to list PS3 consoles and games (as well as Boost Mobile phones and phone cards), but would never actually deliver the goods they’d sold to their victims, who often lived out-of-state:

“Their posts usually indicated that they were residing in Ohio, but would often tell potential buyers that they had previously lived in the buyers’ states to gain their trust. Lamb and White would then request that payment be made through a wire transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Once the buyers completed the transaction, the two men did not deliver the products and would not provide refunds.”

So far, the Attorney General’s office reported has twenty nine different consumer complaints against Lamb (White is a close second with twenty seven complaints filed against him). Apparently the two scammers made “hundreds of posts”, so the Attorney General’s office thinks there a lot more victims.

Source: Wane via GamePolitics

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