Croteam Interested in Serious Sam HD on PS3, But Are You?


Serious Sam HD is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and PC later this year but PlayStation 3 owners are going to miss out unless they make some noise about wanting it – and are willing to wait for it.

A PlayStation version of the forthcoming Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD, announced for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade last week, was originally planned when the studio started developing the game, but as CEO Roman Ribaric explained, money, timing and a perceived lack of interest all conspired to bring that plan to a halt. He said the studio couldn’t get the funding it needed to simultaneously develop a PS3 version and response to the idea of doing a PlayStation Network release several months after the game had debuted on the PC and XBLA was unenthusiastic.

“We [have considered] doing PSN after we finish PC and XBLA,” he told “However, we keep hearing over and over from publishers, investors, marketing and other suits that players from one console, in this case PSN, wouldn’t want to get it later, let’s say eight months and seven days after, if it’s released sooner on the other console, here that would be XBLA. I would normally say that’s a lot of bull, but I will refrain here from my comment.”

But he implied that despite what the “suits” think, a PSN version could still happen if there’s sufficient demand for it. “It would feel perfect to have it on PSN as well,” he said. “However, we are a garage team of 20 people, although with a larger garage now, working on Serious Sam HD for PC and XBLA platforms. Along [with] that, we are developing Serious Sam 3 and Serious Engine 3 tech for both platforms.”

And, he noted, any PlayStation release would have to wait until after the game was launched on the other platforms.”I know we are good, but we are not that good to add PSN and finish at the same time,” he added. “Just kidding, we are that good, but we are not supermen.”

So what about it, PlayStation fans? Is it worth Croteam’s time to bring this seriously awesome shooter to your platform of choice, or is two out of three good enough? Let us – and them – know what you think!

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