Crysis 3/Ryse Producer Leaves Crytek

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Ex-Crytek producer Mike Read wishes he could have “done more” with Crysis 3.

Okay. So despite it remaining extremely tight-lipped on the matter, something is definitely going on over at Crytek. According to his LinkedIn page, Crysis 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome lead producer Mike Read is no longer currently working at the company. His official Twitter profile also states that he is a “former” producer for Crytek.

The news comes in the same month where one lead Crytek programmer has jumped shipped to id Software, and the lead Homefront: The Revolution designer has resigned from his post. There are also unconfirmed reports that Crytek staffers are not being properly paid – reports which seem more and more legitimate given the exodus of senior talent.

Read, responding to a fan query on Twitter, stated that he wished he could have done more with Crysis 3. “Some amazing tech behind it for sure,” he said. “Wish we could have done more on many fronts.”

Mike Read has been with Crytek since April 2012 and was the producer of both Crysis 3 and the Xbox One Exclusive: Ryse: Son of Rome.

Source: DSOG

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