Crytek Suffers Security Breach, User Info May Be Compromised

Crytek logo and other related sites have been taken offline following a weekend security breach that may have exposed user account information.

The websites,, and have been taken down after an attack by hackers over the weekend. “We recently became aware of suspicious activity relating to some of Crytek’s websites, and acted quickly to take those websites offline for security reasons,” the studio said in an email sent to account holders.

“If you have an account at or, you will be asked to change your password next time you log in. If you use your current password anywhere else online, we would also suggest that you reset it at those sites,” it continued. “We are working on getting all websites fully operational again as soon as possible. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience.”

The extent of the breach isn’t yet clear but Crytek told Eurogamer that user account information may have been accessed. “Although it is uncertain whether the incident led to the copying and decryption of email addresses and passwords, it is possible that users with accounts at these websites have had personal data copied,” the studio said. Crytek began contacting affected users about the breach on Friday.

“Final details of when our sites will be back online will be communicated as soon as possible,” Crytek said. “We’re currently doing everything in our power to ensure our sites and, more importantly, our users, are not affected by such issues in future.”

So. Your passwords, people. Change ’em.

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