Crytek Throwing its Hat Into the MOBA Scene With Arena of Fate


Crytek’s Arena of Fate early access beta starts on PC this summer.

Crytek has announced that it is going to try its hand at the MOBA genre, with a new, pc-exclusive title called Arena of Fate. Arena of Fate will be a “free-to-play action strategy game” where teams of five square off against each other to gain control of an arena. While they didn’t specifically call it a MOBA (which stands for “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena”) it certainly fits the criteria (and even has “Arena” right there in the title).

As well as the teaser trailer, the game’s official website reveals a bit more information about the game. Rather than original IP champions such as those featured in League of Legends or DoTA 2, it looks like the heroes of Arena of Fate will be drawn from various historical and folklore figures around the world.

For example, the five currently listed playable characters are Fenrir, Robin Hood, Tesla, Joan of Arc and Little Red Riding Hood.


You can actually sign up for the game’s early access beta right now on the website, which Crytek says will start some time this summer. It also said that the game will be playable at E3.

Crytek is best known for making very shiny games that look impressive, but lack elsewhere. I’m interested to see what kind of MOBA they make – if it will stick to traditions like LoL and DOTA, or deviate from the formula like Blizzard’s Heroes of The Storm.

Source: Crytek

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