“Cthuken” Creator Says It Tastes Better Than It Looks


The man who cooked up the horrific “Chtuken” holiday meal that’s making the rounds today says it actually turned out to be quite tasty.

If you spend any time at all following the goings-on of the social networking scene, you will likely have seen at some point today the “Cthuken,” a god-awful mess of a holiday meal that looks like an Alien face-hugger with an octopus mouth and some kind of tentacle-type appendage coming out of its arse. It’s all perfectly edible footstuff but I don’t think I could stand to be in the same room with the thing, much less chow down on it. I mean, good God, just look at it.

Yet according to Rusty Eulberg, who created the gastro-monstrosity two years ago as a unique holiday meal with his wife (and big-time Cthulhu fan) Jennifer Robledo, it’s all perfectly harmless, off-the-shelf stuff. “We went and bought some crab legs and some octopus and bacon and cooked them all separate and slapped them together on a plate, and that was it,” he told Gothamist. “It was delicious. The crab leg was awesome and the bacon added a nice flavor to the turkey. And for added horror, the serving platter is an old Nazi plate with a Swastika on the bottom that a friend bought in an old abandoned Luftwaffe base in Germany.”

Eulberg and Robledo followed up on the “Cthurkey,” as they called it (there was no duck, thus no Cthuken), with the Cthicken, which was essentially the same thing but with a chicken instead of a turkey and squid in place of octopus. And now that the photos have blown up on the internet, he said they might try to top it with a “full-on Cthulhu-themed dinner next Halloween. I don’t know how we can make the turkey better, but maybe we can make tentacle cupcakes with gummy works. And maybe deep fry the whole thing.”

Source: Gothamist

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