CW’s New Angel TV Show Sounds Infernally Bad


The CW is making a TV show about an angel who is named (seriously) Dashiell Coffee and works as a lawyer.

Supernatural TV shows are all the rage these days, especially with the CW network, which has always been enamored with that type of programming. The newest show that the channel’s announced, Heavenly, is certainly following the trend, as it’s going to be about an Angel who starts working as a lawyer.

io9 is reporting that the show will star Lauren Cohan (recently of The Vampire Diaries ) as Lily DeMarco, an absurdly attractive lawyer who operates out of San Francisco. Lily has a law partner named “Dashiell Coffee” (ugh), and he’s an angel who was turned human. As a result, Dashiell (played by Ben Aldridge) is hell-bent on saving his clients’ souls. Of course, the cast will be rounded out by other ridiculously pretty people: Elizabeth Ho and Owen Moretti.

Let’s be honest, better shows have been made out of weaker premises. But this is the CW, a network that isn’t exactly known for its programming quality, and the show doesn’t really sound all that amazing. We’ll have to wait for the series’ premiere before casting final judgment, though it should be noted that Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime is already using a pretty similar scenario. As a native San Franciscan, however, I’m willing to give some kudos to the Dashiell Hammett reference (since the author is one of the city’s proudest adopted sons) … But it’s still pretty painful.

Source: io9

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