Daredevil Set Photos and Video Emerge


Recently leaked images and video would seem to give a peek at the origins of Daredevil in his new Netflix series.

While Daredevil is perhaps not the biggest hero in Marvel’s vast collection of characters, his origin is one that even casual fans of comics probably know. As a young boy, Matt Murdock pushed a blind man crossing the street out of the path of a truck which promptly crashed and splashed toxic waste in his eyes. This led to his being blind but also developing a unique radar sense that’s allowed him to see and react to things in a way that sighted folk can’t.

The in-the-works Daredevil Netflix series, in turn, seems (thankfully) poised to follow that origin story. That, at least, would seem to be the indication of a series of images and a video recently leaked from the set of the series. The images depict a tipped over truck with spilled barrels lying next to it, as well as a young boy lying on the ground and surrounded by people. The video, in turn, goes on for about 20 seconds and closes with said boy screaming “I can’t see!”

While there was never really much reason to think that Daredevil’s origins would be altered, we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a relief to to see evidence that the production intends to keep his beginnings true to the comics. Granted, it’s not like Marvel has been screwing up the adaptations of its superhero books lately, but it’s still hard not to be nervous when you remember just how badly the last live-action feature about this character went.

Source: Latino Review

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