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Darkfall Developer Journal #9: The Beta Question


Tasos Flambouras is back with his latest bi-weekly journal entry here on Darkfall WarCry. In it, he responds to a recent call from one of our columnists to tell us when the long awaited Beta really will be. For that and more, read on!

Darkfall Developer Journal #9: The Beta Question
Article by Tasos Flambouras (Ass. Producer, Darkfall)

This update will be a proper journal entry, the last couple of weeks we did some race presentations here, before we had a couple of lore updates.

We’ve been throwing around the word beta quite a bit, and it’s not to churn the waters, it’s because it’s what we’re working on right now. An editorial on this site urged us to come out with a date. Well that’s nice, and we will when we have one. We’ve specified that our internal target date is this summer and we can’t get more specific yet, but we will when we’re ready to make an announcement. We have recent negative examples of games with good potential being rushed out having been improperly tested and we don’t want that for Darkfall. Things are going well and we’ll keep you updated on that front as we know more ourselves.

Some of you may have noticed that we’re doing a small facelift to the site which involves a lot of new screenshots, new texts, etc. So far the areas we’ve done are in the race section: the Mirdain, the Alfar and the Mahirim. The other races will follow. We’ve updated the monster section and we’ll keep adding to it. We updated the Agon map, and updated the Rubaiyat area text and added screenshots. The changes and updates will keep happening all over the website over the next few weeks.

This Darkfall affiliate site has stood by our game and has supported the Darkfall community for a long time. I don’t think it’s out of line to ask you to do the same and help it evolve. To be honest with you, I’m not fond of the editorials and we’ve had enough ranting to last us a lifetime, but we do appreciate intelligent commentary and critique. In that spirit, I got an interview question from a Greek journalist. He asked me if the Alfar have any unique characteristics that counter-balance their socialization drawback. Their advantage isn’t technical, there’s no built-in superpower, but the question is interesting. I’ve answered the question but I would like to hear your opinions as well on this topic.

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