Darth Vader Robs a Bank


The ability to hold up a bank teller at gunpoint is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Boy, how the mighty have fallen. Once the feared right-hand-man and merciless enforcer to the iron-fisted ruler of the galaxy whose mere name caused the good-hearted to shudder, Darth Vader has been reduced to robbing our mere Earth banks for funds – after all, Star Destroyers don’t come cheap, y’know.

Police in Setauket, Long Island report that the Dark Lord of the Sith entered the bank in question at 11:30 am this morning armed with a pistol (and presumably the infinite power of the Dark Side to boot). The cashiers complied with his demand to fork over the cash, because hey, are you going to argue with Darth Vader?

Vader fled the scene with an “undisclosed amount of cash,” which we suspect was in Republic credits, and may or may not have escaped via the New York subway system

Authorities are searching for the thief, who is described as being 6’2″ in height and was wearing a blue cape and camouflage pants at the time of the robbery, in addition to his traditional helmet and mask – perhaps it was laundry day in the Imperial army or something.

In all seriousness, if you have to rob a bank in costume, there are certainly worse outfits to wear than a Darth Vader suit. Perhaps someone was a wee bit angry at not being able to make it out to Comic-Con, hmm?

It’s just a shame that there weren’t any Jedi on hand to stop him.

(Wpix via Gothamist)

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