Darth Vader Wows Seniors With Slick Moves and Trombone Prowess


The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of dance.

Everyone needs a hobby, even a Sith Lord. But while the Emperor favors basket weaving and macramé, his apprentice prefers something a little bit more energetic. To that end, he’s combined the arts of salsa dancing and trombone playing – no doubt a trivial act for the Dark Side of the Force – into one rather bizarre whole.

Of course, it’s not really Darth Vader; heck, it isn’t even Hayden Christensen. The man behind the mask is actually Grammy-award winning trombonist Jonathon Arons, entertaining some senior citizens with his Star Wars-inspired routine. Looking at the audience’s reaction, they don’t seem to know quite what to make of Arons’ performance – the juxtaposition of Sith Lords and salsa dancing being slightly niche humor – although a few people seem to be getting into the spirit of things. Thankfully, the internet is on hand to provide a much more appreciative audience for this kind of thing.

Besides his appearances at senior centers dressed up like a telekinetic despot, Arons also appeared on America’s Got Talent, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He wasn’t dressed up as Darth Vader though: that would just be silly.

Source: FashionablyGeek

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