Day of the Tentacle Special Edition Announced

Day of the Tentacle

Get your suction cups ready: another LucasArts classic is getting the special edition treatment.

Tim Schafer took the stage at the PlayStation Experience keynote and dropped a big announcement: Day of the Tentacle Special Edition is coming to PlayStation 4, Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux.

This is especially significant because Day of the Tentacle, like the entire library of LucasArts point-and-click adventures, became Disney property when the House of Mouse acquired Lucasfilm in 2012. LucasArts was shut down the following year, making it seem even more unlikely that any of those old games would ever come out of the Disney vault. The announcement of Grim Fandango Remastered at E3 this year gave me some hope, and rightfully so: Disney is working with Double Fine to bring Day of the Tentacle back to life.

Day of the Tentacle, the sequel to Maniac Mansion, was released for the PC in 1993 and has been difficult to find since then. Just last week, Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert told The Escapist “I don’t know if it will ever happen” when asked about revisiting Disney-owned properties. Sure, it’s not exactly a new Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island, but a special edition of one the most beloved games of all time? I’ll take it.

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