DCS: P-51D Mustang Trailer Takes to the Skies


The studio behind the infamously hardcore A-10 Warthog simulator is trying its hand at something a little more accessible.

For a small but very dedicated subset of gamers, the Digital Combat Simulator series is a godsend. In a world of thumbsticks and “accessibility,” games like Black Shark 2 and A-10C Warthog are glorious wellsprings of ultra-fidelity self-flagellation, epitomized by this ten-minute “training” video on YouTube explaining how to turn the Warthog’s engines on. That’s right, ten minutes dedicated to turning the key – and that’s just part one of two.

But now Eagle Dynamics is working on something for gamers with slightly less rarified tastes, and they’re leaving behind the modern era of war machines to do it. DSC: P-51D Mustang will offer serious flight sim aficionados all the detail of the previous titles in the franchise (minus the high-technology, obviously) but the yank-and-bank crowd will also be able to jump in on the fun thanks to an “easy-to-play ‘game’ mode,” as the studio put it. Up to 32 players will be able to take part in head-to-head and co-op gameplay against airborne and ground-based enemies, while custom missions and campaigns can be created with an included mission editor. A single-click “Mission Generator” will also crank out battles, presumably randomized, of any desired size.

The P-51D Mustang is one of the most famous and instantly-recognizable fighters of the Second World War, and also one of the most significant. It was the first Allied fighter available in significant numbers that was capable of escorting bombers to targets deep in Germany and then back home, which dramatically changed the face of the air war over Europe and, ultimately, the entire conflict. It also served with distinction in Korea, and wasn’t fully withdrawn from U.S. Air Force service until 1956.

You know you’re in for something “special” when a videogame developer puts quotes around the word “game” when it talks about its latest project. DSC: P-51D Mustang obviously won’t be for everyone, but this trailer looks pretty sweet and if you can actually just hop in and fly – as opposed to hop in and learn to fly – then it might actually be some fun in here for you “relaxed realism” types. No word on when it’ll be ready to fly but if you’re interested, you can find out more at

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