DDO Mods Accidentally Go Ban-Crazy


Turbine accidentally turned Chaotic Evil with its ban-hammer over the weekend, though now it seems to be acting in a Lawful Good fashion. Does that mean it’s True Neutral?

A recent Halloween event in Dungeons and Dragons Online seems to have bestowed more tricks than treats on players. Yesterday, a number of three-day bans from the game were given out by Turbine’s GMs because a number of players were apparently taking advantage of an unnamed exploit that popped up during “Mabar, The Endless Night Festival.” While this may seem fair, it turns out that a lot of the players weren’t even aware that the exploit existed. To make matters worse, the bans hit right after Turbine’s customer support left for the evening.

According to Massively, Turbine sent the following message out to players who were banned:

“Recently we conducted an investigation into an exploit that was being utilized in Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, involving our recent Mabar, The Endless Night Festival. As a result of that investigation, your account has been identified in utilizing this exploit. Please be advised that use of an exploit is strictly prohibited by our Code of Conduct.

At least two threads discussing the bannings have been deleted from the DDO forums. However, in a recent update to the story, it turns out that many of the bannings happened by mistake, thanks to an error in the “exploit suspension process”.

Turbine’s Tolero posted the following message to let the community know what happened:

Last night, some DDO players received erroneous temporary suspensions or warnings regarding an exploit. Due to a technical issue in our exploit suspension process some players participating in the Mabar festival event were incorrectly notified of a rules violation. Any accounts that were temporarily banned as a result of this issue will have their account access restored and will be credited 100 Turbine Points. Any accounts that received warnings will have those warnings removed from their record.

This error was an isolated incident and should have no further impact for any DDO players. As always, we welcome player feedback on all aspects of DDO and continually seek to improve the quality of the service we provide to players.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion and thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve the issue.

Source: Massively

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