Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition Might Include Giant Zombie


A single copy of Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition will contain a golden ticket redeemable for a huge zombie bonus.

Capcom has revealed the ultimate edition of Dead Rising 2 which will give the game’s strongest supporters a chance to win a really great prize. The Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition not only includes a bunch of bonuses that are separate from the Collector’s Edition, but a single copy will include a ticket redeemable for the six-foot-tall Burt the Zombie statue.

Every High Stakes Edition will come with a copy of Dead Rising 2, a Fortune City visitor game map, a Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket that has a DLC code for the “Psycho” costume on it, and an entire Fortune City-themed poker set. It can only be purchased at the Capcom Store and costs $89.99, $10 more than the game’s Collector’s Edition.

Though the Psycho costume makes the main character look like the murderer from a horror movie, it’s more than cosmetic as it also increases the damage for psycho-related weapons (chainsaw, machete, etc) and gives new abilities and attacks. The poker set includes 100 poker chips in four different colors, two blood-stained playing card decks with Dead Rising 2 character art on them, a blood-stained dealer chip, and five green dice (dice are used in poker?).

But the real star of the show is the fact that one purchaser’s Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket will be golden, meaning that person can contact Capcom to receive Burt the Zombie. From the released photo of Burt, he’s quite the looker, wearing socks with sandals, a Hawaiian shirt, and holding fuzzy dice. This seems like an easy purchase over the Collector’s Edition for an extra ten bucks, but keep in mind that only one person will get to hang out with Burt, sadly, so the other extras better be worth the gamble.

Dead Rising 2 will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on September 28.

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