Dead Space 3 Hopes For New Horror


Negative fan feedback made no difference to development, producer claims.

The icy slopes of Tau Volantis are going to be Dead Space 3‘s ticket to scare, associate producer Yara Khoury hopes. Closet scares are passé; what’s needed now, Khoury says, is environmental terror, to create new horror.

“You can’t really see what’s ahead of you,” Khoury says, “there’s the snow that can, you know, hide some things.” The developer has also played with sound – bludgeoning the player with wind effects – hoping, through sensory tricks, to create a new kind of horror. “The ice planet that worried players at first because it’s an external environment,” says Khoury, “actually turns out to be one of our allies in terms of creating new ways to scare our players.”

Negative feedback isn’t something that the development team spent a lot of time worrying about. “I think what happened is that people started talking about it without really knowing what we were going for,” Khoury claims, alleging that people were inventing an idea of Dead Space 3 that doesn’t resemble the finished product. Fan feedback didn’t persuade the developer to make any changes, which may – or may not – prove to be a wise decision.

“I think it just takes a little bit of time for people to understand and accept change when they’re so very much invested in a product,” Khoury says. Well, you’ll soon find out whether she’s right. This one launches for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 February 2013.

Source: OXM

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