Dead Space 3 Resource Exploit “Not a Glitch”, Says EA


An endlessly respawning resource was “deliberately designed” for harvesting all along.

One of the features in Dead Space 3 is crafting weapons using resources collected in-game, with the added option of purchasing additional resources with real world dollars. It wasn’t long before an exploit was discovered to infinitely gather resources and build up a pile of materials in the process. In response, EA has insisted that the exploit was “deliberately designed” all along, and that players may continue to farm resources in this way.

EA representative Jino Talens stated that Dead Space 3‘s microtransactions were designed to be optional for players who want to craft their weapons straight away, and weren’t intended to be a necessary part of game progression. As a result, the exploit will continue to work for now.

“The resource-earning mechanic in Dead Space 3 is not a glitch. We have no plans to issue a patch to change this aspect of the game. We encourage players to explore the game and discover the areas where resources respawn for free,” Talens says.

“We’ve deliberately designed Dead Space 3 to allow players to harvest resources by playing through the game. For those that wish to accumulate upgrades instantly, we have enabled an optional system for them to buy the resources at a minimal cost ($1-$3).”

The exploit simply involves entering and leaving a shack that contains a random resource or item, which respawns every time you re-enter. If you’re looking to save some time sifting through corpses for loot, it looks like EA is happy for you to do so.

Source: Gamefront

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