Dead Space Movie Still Kicking, Says Director


The man behind the upcoming Preacher film thinks it would be “fun” to make a movie as scary as Dead Space.

Director DJ Caruso says that the live-action Dead Space movie is still in development, despite very little news about it since its announcement in 2009. Caruso’s previous work includes the Shia LeBeouf movies, Disturbia and Eagle Eye.

Speaking in a video interview to promote his most recent movie, I Am Number Four, Caruso said that he had originally started work on a prequel story, but that it hadn’t worked out quite as well as he had hoped. He said that what he really wanted to do was capture the horror of playing Dead Space in movie form, and thought that that would be a lot of fun to make a film like that.

To give I Am Number Four star Alex Pettyfer, who was being interviewed with him and had never played Dead Space, an idea of how scary the game was, he related a story from when he first received it from EA. He had stepped into another room to speak to his wife, leaving his two sons playing the game. All of a sudden, they heard an almighty scream coming from the boys, and rushed in to see what the matter was. They found the two boys breathlessly exclaiming that Dead Space was the scariest game ever made.

It seems like Caruso is a pretty big fan of Dead Space. Obviously, he’s not going to say anything bad about the game in public, but all the same, there’s an enthusiasm for the project that seems rather genuine. Whether that enthusiasm will translate into a good movie is harder to gauge, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Source: Joystiq

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