Comic writer Josh Trujillo is asking for $3,500 to publish his tabletop comic compilation Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table.

There comes a moment in every tabletop gamer’s life when things don’t go to plan. You roll a one and suddenly that mighty character you’ve been building up fumbles the proverbial ball at a critical moment laying all of your party’s best laid plans to waste. As horrible as those moments are in practice though, they can often also be some of the most memorable stories that gamers remember and retell over the years. Recognizing that, a new Kickstarter has surfaced with the aim of producing a new collection of tabletop tales drawing on the experiences of some of “the best up-and-coming talents” in the comic books.

The brainchild of comic writer Josh Trujillo, Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table will be a 132-page full color compilation chronicling the ill-fated fated adventurers of more than 30 creators from the comic industry. “Some of the tales in Death Saves are funny, others tragic, others something else entirely,” says the book’s Kickstarter page. Trujillo is asking for $3,500 to print and ship 500 books, though a larger and wider print run might also be possible if the campaign reaches yet to be announced stretch goals.

The big question of course is whether or not Death Saves will find enough traction with Kickstarter contributors. As with all Kickstarters, there’s no guarantee of success. That being the case, with Trujillo’s goals being relatively modest and with the book being pretty much done, I could definitely see tabletop fans helping Death Saves cross the finish line. Take a look at its campaign page and let us know what you think? Will Death Saves be a critical hit, or is a failure just waiting to be rolled?

Source: Kickstarter

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