Critical Miss

Death Threat Regret




Every year, the “young person fucks themselves over via social media” stories get more and more extreme. Last week, Mike Maulbeck managed to fuck over his entire business in the space of one tweet, in which he threatened to murder Valve Kingpin, Gabe Newell. Maulbeck has since left the industry, as being struck off Steam absolutely crippled sales of his game, Paranautical Activity.

While I’d hesitate to call it a joke, on account of it not being funny, the tweet obviously wasn’t serious. Unfortunately, death threats are a hot topic right now, and Valve chose to make an example out of Mr. Maulbeck. That or the company simply wasn’t going to take sass from a dev who relies on the Steam ecosystem to put food on the table.

Still, I think I say worse things every time I die to techies.

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