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Deathbound Trailer Reveals Techno-Medieval Soulslike for 2024

Deathbound Trailer Reveals Techno-Medieval Soulslike for PC

Publisher Tate Multimedia and developer Trialforge Studio have announced Deathbound, a techno-medieval Soulslike that is set to come to PC via Steam sometime in 2024. Accompanying the action RPG project’s official reveal today is a trailer that introduces players to the dark corners of Akratya, a city in a world known as Ziêminal where life and death are at odds with one another. Although most of the footage is said to be “in-game,” it appears the best look at gameplay arrives about halfway through the video, as a player character can be seen using special abilities to take on grotesque bosses. You can get your first taste of what Trialforge and Tate are cooking up in the Deathbound trailer below.

Deathbound promises challenging combat, an unforgiving world, and action RPG gameplay like many other Soulslike titles. However, Trialforge has added a few features that will, hopefully, help it stand out from the pack—namely the Binding System. As hinted at in the trailer, this feature allows players to absorb the Essence of other warriors found throughout Deathbound. Their abilities and stances can be switched between, giving players the freedom to approach combat encounters however they please. Deathbound also features Morphstrikes, attacks that combine the powers of the absorbed fighters.

For more on Tate and Trialforge’s new world, you can read the short synopsis below:

Deathbound is set in a crumbling civilization where the clash between fanatical faith and unnatural science decimated the world of Ziêminal and the great city of Akratya. Throughout their crusade, players will encounter ruthless monsters who will test the will and valor of all who knock at their door. Within Ziêminal, there is no good nor evil, only justifications.

Today’s announcement confirms that Trialforge and Tate are working together on Deathbound, but it’s not the first time we’ve seen the project in action. Trialforge has shown bits and pieces of its creation throughout the last few years. At Devcom 2020, for example, the studio gave us a great look at the experience in its early days:

Deathbound is currently only confirmed to come to PC via Steam at an unspecified point in 2024. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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