DeathSpank Finally Becomes Hero of PC, Mac


At last, DeathSpank will officially be released on the platform it was made for by design.

The most confusing part of the DeathSpank series wasn’t that it made players hunt for thongs and unicorn poop, but that it supposedly was a mash up of two classic PC franchises and was ignoring PC gamers entirely for digital console releases on XBLA and PSN. Finally, and thankfully, that won’t be the case any longer, with EA and Hothead Games announcing the release of DeathSpank on the PC and Mac.

DeathSpank will be released on the PC through Steam for $14.99 on October 26. The game’s sequel, Thongs of Virtue, is a likely to follow eventually. Unfortunately, EA says that DeathSpank‘s Mac availability is “to be announced.”

The title was originally developed at Hothead Games with guidance from Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame. It’s billed as a mash-up between Monkey Island and Diablo, which was what made it so strange that the PC was not only ignored at first, but how EA almost made it seem like it’d never leave consoles. Players take on the role of DeathSpank as he hacks and chops his way through legions of enemies in the search of loot, humor, and quests.

A special bundle for Steam users was also revealed, which gives purchasers 15% off when they buy both DeathSpank and Klei Entertainment’s Shank at the same time. So if you want to brutally take out bad guys with guns, knives, chainsaws, and grenades, and then take a break to kill skeletons and laugh at poop jokes, now’s your chance.

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