Defective Samus Amiibo Sells on Ebay For $2,500

factory defect samus 01

A factory defect Samus amiibo with dual arm cannons netted one lucky buyer $2,500.

While most people view factory defects as, well, defects, collectors know that these mis-produced marvels are the ultimate collector’s item, and can sell for big bucks to the right people. As was the case with this eBay seller, who managed to sell one of Nintendo’s recently released amiibo figurines with a factory defect for $2,500.

The figure in question is the Samus you’ll see to the right, who has apparently traded the ability to open doors and use her ship’s computer for double firepower. The listing claims that the figure is in mint condition, and is completely sealed. It is so far the only one of its kind to show up anywhere on the internet.

Below, you can see a few more pictures of the figure, including a comparison with the original, non-defective Samus:

Some critics on reddit are claiming that the defect is a fake, and that the seller has simply modified an existing Samus amiibo, and carefully returned it to its original packaging. The fact that this particular defect has yet to be seen elsewhere supports the theory.

Fake or not, its still a pretty cool Samus statue. If you do happen to find one of these yourself… don’t put it back on the shelf in favor of a “proper” one – you may just cost yourself a couple grand!

Source: eBay via reddit

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