Demigod Devs Hand Out Apology Coupons


Gas Powered Games are issuing money-off coupons to apologize for network problems over the last couple of months.

You might recall that Demigod had a bit of a problem with pirates when it was released, as thousands of pirated copies devastated the game’s servers. These problems persisted into May, leaving Gas Powered Games with more than a few disgruntled customers

Well, nothing says sorry quite like a coupon and Gas Powered Games, being the savvy business folk that they are, know this. Which is why the are giving money-off coupons to Demigod owners to apologize for the network problems they’ve encountered over the last couple of months.

The coupons will allow customers to purchase a copy of Demigod half price, which seems a bizarre gesture considering that everyone who qualifies for the voucher already owns the game. Still, it’s nice to see a developer that actually gives a damn about it’s community and getting the game the game for half price might be just the ticket for people who have been put off buying the game due to, well, articles like this…

Source: Joystiq

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