Demon’s Souls Makes Brutalizing Return as Project Dark


Project Dark might not have the title of Demon’s Souls 2, but it might as well.

From Software’s Demon’s Souls drew in players with strong review scores and the allure of challenging, yet rewarding gameplay. Much to the surprise of everyone, it sold enough to become part of the PlayStation 3’s Greatest Hits line, and a sequel has been greatly anticipated by the hundreds of thousands that bought it. We need not anticipate any longer.

Project Dark (working title), in development by From Software – the studio behind Demon’s Souls – and published by Namco Bandai, isn’t directly named as the sequel to Demon’s Souls, but it’s obviously a spiritual sequel. The game’s first trailer has the same feel as Demon’s Souls and shows gameplay that looks nearly identical.

Tons of gross demons? Check. Third-person combat? Check. The player’s face catching on fire? This is definitely Demon’s Souls.

Project Dark is already planned for release worldwide in 2011, on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 outside of Japan this time. The multiplatform release may explain its name change, as Demon’s Souls was published by Sony in Japan. Its official website provides little information other than that we’ll know more early next year and that it’s an action RPG. Regardless, it’s nice to know our faces will be lit on fire again soon.

Source: GameSpot

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