Details on Downloadables for Guitar Hero II for your 360


Activision announced the details of downloadable content for Guitar Hero II on the 360.

There are nine songs from the original Guitar Hero available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace. These are packaged in three “Track Packs.” Track Pack 1 includes “Bark at the Moon,” by Ozzy Osbourne; “Hey You,” by the Exies; and “Ace of Spades,” by Motorhead. Track Pack 2 contains “Killer Queen,” by Queen; “Take It Off,” by the Donnas; and “Frankenstein,” by the Edgar Winter Group. Finally, Track Pack 3 includes “Higher Ground,” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; “Infected,” by Bad Religion; and “Stellar,” by Incubus.

All of these tracks have been upgraded to the Guitar Hero II feature set, meaning they can be played co-op with lead, rhythm and bass guitar options. Each Track Pack will cost 500 Microsoft Points.

In addition to the songs, Guitar Hero fans can download theme packs for 150 points and gamer pics for 100 points.

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