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Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games has opened its own online store, revealing that its previously delisted horror game, Devotion, is now available to purchase on the new service. The company announced the move via Twitter, where it explained that the Red Candle eshop will allow fans to purchase all of its past and future projects in DRM-free format. Games currently available include Devotion and its predecessor, Detention, as well as other goodies, such as each game’s soundtrack.

Devotion first brought its take on first-person psychological horror to Steam in February 2019, but the game was quickly removed from the digital storefront after an Easter egg mocking China’s president, Xi Jinping, was discovered. This was only the beginning of the studio’s troubles, as later that same year, Red Candle said it had its business license revoked, and shortly after that, the studio issued an apology to fans who were still eager to play the game.

Online storefront GOG announced plans to bring Devotion to players late last year but quickly walked back the decision to list the game “after receiving many messages from gamers” (or maybe China). Other than the physical re-release that was only made available for those in Taiwan, Red Candle’s online store announcement marks the first time Devotion has been widely accessible in two years.


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