Dexter Drifts To The iPhone


Everyone’s favourite forensic sociopath is stalking the iPhone, biding his time to teach his own particular brand of justice.

With the recent release of Dexter By Design in hardback, Dexter Morgan is a busy man. How busy you’ll find out in this latest game for the iPhone.

For those not in the know, Dexter Morgan is Miami’s leading forensic specialist in blood splatter techniques by day, and a bona-fide serial killer by night.

The game by Marc Ecko Entertainment is a “sociopath simulator” where you not only have to run through the usual minigames to track down the killers in Miami, but also to keep Sergeant Doakes and Deborah (your sister) from finding out the truth about your duplicitous nature.

But when you catch those criminals, there’s always the shrink-wrap and the bonesaw to break out. The iPhone even allows you to chop the bodies up. The Dark Passenger will be pleased.

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