DirecTV Airs Championship Gaming Series


Physorg discusses the viability of The Championship Gaming Series and other professional gaming shows airing on television.

The Championship Gaming Series (CGS) debuted last week on DirecTV in the U.S., and Physorg has investigated the potential success of airing these competitive gaming matches on television.

Steve Lipscomb, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Officer of World Poker Tour Enterprises, questions whether young males will tune in to shows about games when they may as well be playing. “Are those guys willing to put down their controllers and pick up their remote control to watch their television?”

Lipscomb is experienced in the art of promoting a “sport” that some may consider a tough-sell for television. Yet, even the expert on popularizing poker backed away from offers to start a game league due to the difficulties in developing a successful show. “If they can find a way to translate the experience of gaming into a great spectator sport, there is an opportunity there,” Lipscomb added.

On the upside, the two-hour shows cost DirecTV relatively little to produce and are part of a portfolio of new ventures, not a solo outing. “Today, it doesn’t move the needle. But strategically, it is in this basket of items that could develop into something. They’re in the game, at least,” explained analyst Steve Mather.

Dave “Moto” Geffon, general manager of team New York 3D, is believes in professional gaming as intriguing content. “It’s got the elements of strategy, skill and the camaraderie of team sports that people love.”

“The trick is to make something entertaining both to the hardcore gamer and also to a mainstream audience that is either a casual gamer or not a gamer at all,” said CGS Commissioner and former Chief Operating Officer for the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour Andy Reif.

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