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Disney Illusion Island Is a Beautiful Co-op 2D Platformer for Switch

Disney Illusion Island Nintendo Switch 2023 2D co-op platformer

It is a big day for Disney, as the D23 Expo 2022 is well underway. A small part of the event was dedicated to the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase. One of the titles shown off was co-op 2D platformer Disney Illusion Island for Nintendo Switch. With animation reminiscent of the recent Mickey Mouse Shorts, the platformer will launch exclusively for Switch sometime in 2023.

Check out the trailer straight from Nintendo:

The gameplay displayed reminds me of Rayman Legends with a dash of puzzles thrown in. Up to four players can control Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy in this co-op adventure. Each character has their own unique abilities: Donald can swim, Goofy can use giant condiments, etc.

As a pleasant surprise, Dlala Studios is developing the project. You might know them as the group behind 2020’s Battletoads revival. According to IGN, Dlala was creating a title for Disney back in 2016 before it was canceled. Disney Illusion Island is built upon that canceled idea, so it’s great to see it revived and getting a new lease on life in some way. Dlala is a great group of individuals to have making such an animated game. My main question: Is this officially part of the Illusion series that was popular on the Genesis?!

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