One timeline isn’t enough to contain all the rescuing that the Kingdom of Hyrule needs.

The Legend of Zelda timeline is a confusing beast , and trying to explain it is a pretty mammoth task. Fortunately, there’s someone out there who not only has a big enough brain, but is also sufficiently well versed in 4th dimensional thinking to be able to understand it all. That man is Doctor Emmett Brown Ph.D., the inventor of the flux capacitor and father of time travel.

As you can see in the video, Doc Brown takes the confusing timeline and explains it in a way that is both entertaining and simple. Well, ok, it’s still not simple, even with the rather charming visual aids, but it is entertaining. The video is the work of Grant Duffrin, who wrote and directed the video, as well as starring as Link and pulling off a rather good Marty McFly impression. Further cementing his reputation as some kind of fan film Leonardo da Vinci, he also put together the animations, which, along with Doc Brown’s narration, is the real star of the show.

What’s a little worrying is that as crazy as the video makes the timeline out to be, it’s actually only a snippet, and the full timeline – which Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma has confirmed does exist – is crazier still. The whole thing would take much longer to explain though, and there’s only so much crazy time malarkey people can take before they go cross-eyed.

Source: Kotaku

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