Doctor Afflicted With Acute Wiiitis


A medical resident in Spain has become the first reported victim of a newly-diagnosed injury known as Acute Wiiitis.

The condition was named by Dr. Julio Bonis, who fell victim to the injury after hours of playing Wii Sports. Characterized by acute shoulder pain, he was initially considered likely to be suffering from an autoimmune illness, but after a referral to a rheumatologist and the disclosure of his recent Wii purchase, a proper diagnosis was made.

According to the case report, which was apparently written in a not-entirely-serious tone, the doctor’s level of fitness didn’t prevent him from overdoing it, saying, “Unlike in the real sport, physical strength and endurance are not limiting factors.” It also noted that other games available on the Wii could complicate future diagnoses, saying, “Future games could involve different and unexpected groups of muscles. Physicians should be aware that there may be multiple, possibly puzzling presentations of Wiiitis.”

This isn’t the first physical ailment created by Nintendo and inflicted upon its unwitting consumers: nintendo elbow and ulcerative nintendinitis have been a part of the medical lexicon for several years now. Fortunately, Acute Wiiitis is easily treated; some ibuprofen and a Wii-free week clears it right up.

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