Doctor Who Plot Details In Episode Titles?


Has Russell T. Davies hidden clues in the title of the next Doctor Who episode?

The Easter special of Doctor Who aired in the UK last night and after the episode had wrapped up, astute Doctor Who fans have noticed that the title of the next Doctor Who episode – The Waters of Mars – is an anagram of ‘War of the Masters’, which might just mean the return of John Simm as the Master.

While this may sound like crazy talk from tinfoil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-theorists, it’s no secret that Davies likes his anagrams, Torchwood – an anagram of Doctor Who – is proof of that, and it’s likely they’ll want to give David Tennant – who has drawn in consistently high viewing figures – a big send off and who better than the Doctor’s arch-nemesis, the Master? Fans have also noted other clues that suggest the Master, but for the sake of those who are yet to see the Easter special, I’ll keep those to myself.

Or course, it could just be a coincidence, as the episode preview for The Waters of Mars shows that it has plenty of water in it, and is presumably set on Mars. Or it could just be that we’re barking up the wrong tree, after all, ‘The Waters of Mars’ is also an anagram of ‘Wash A Ferret Most’ or ‘Her Swarm of Teats.’

Source: i09

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