Doctor Who Re-Imagined in Kick-Ass Anime Form


Doctor Who‘s creators probably never conceived that their character would be animated in Japanese style.

This clip of Doctor Who in anime form is not an official creation, it’s a fan project, but it still has given me new reason to live. This is Paul “Otaking” Johnson’s third released clip of his attempts to animate the Doctor, and it looks great.

Doctor Who is a series almost too complicated and long-running to explain, with over 700 episodes under its belt, but it basically follows a man named the Doctor as he goes on wacky adventures throughout space and time. He is the last of the Time Lords, with his space-time vehicle of choice being the TARDIS, a police box that is way bigger inside than it appears from the outside.

Doctor Who was first shown on television in the 1960s, with its current-running BBC revival starting in 2005. Doctor Who has been able to last so long partially due to the the Doctor’s trait of full-body regeneration when he dies, allowing for an easy switch in the actor that plays him. The Doctor will be regenerating for a tenth time in 2010, though Time Lords are said to only be able to regenerate a total of twelve times.

This clip features the third doctor, Jon Pertwee (the grey-haired man). Tom Baker, the fourth doctor, was always my favorite, but to each his own. The Doctor’s enemies, such as the Cybermen shown here, are often as memorable as the main character. The most notorious of Doctor Who‘s foes are arguably the Daleks (with The Master also in the running), shown in another of Johnson’s clips here.

The bottom line is that I would throw my money at any company that actually chose to put out a Doctor Who anime. It could even run longer than DragonBall Z.

(Via: Japanator)

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