Doctor Who Travels Through TARDIS to Wii


A deal has finally been hammered out that will bring a new Doctor Who videogame to the Wii and DS.

The currently ongoing version of BBC’s television show Doctor Who is now set for translation onto the Nintendo Wii and DS. Though details are still somewhat spotty, the BBC has reportedly made a deal with Nintendo that is estimated to be worth £10 million ($15 million). The games are scheduled for release in the UK in October, with no other regions mentioned yet.

The Sun first reported the deal, which was later confirmed by MCVUK. A Sun insider stated: “We’re delighted to have finally nailed down a deal. We went with Nintendo as they have huge appeal for families and Doctor Who is very much a family brand.” The game will be focused on the television show’s newest Doctor, Matt Smith, and will include popular series enemies such as the Daleks, Cybermen, and Silurians.

While gameplay details haven’t been officially revealed, the Wii and DS title appears to be an action/adventure game of some sort. However, Doctor Who bigwigs are keeping a close eye on the game’s development, as they don’t want their flagship character plunked into a brawler. According to the insider: “You can’t have Doctor Who blowing things to bits with a laser gun. That would massively change the nature of the show.” Doctor Who is not typically known for his kung-fu skills, and the BBC wants the videogame version to use his cunning rather than his fists.

There have been Doctor Who videogames in the past for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, PC, and even more recent platforms such as the PlayStation 2, though the latest version was based on a top-selling card game. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo and the BBC can churn out, and if it’ll be any good. Official details would likely be coming soon.

Sources: Sun and MCVUK

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