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Does Final Fantasy 16 Demo Save Your Progress for the Full Release?

Here is the full answer to whether all your save data progress from the Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) demo transfers to the full game release.

If you’ve had a chance to play the free Final Fantasy 16 demo on the PlayStation Store, you’ve likely found it to be pretty awesome just like I did. If you’ve played a fair bit of the demo, and there is quite a lot you can do and make progress with, then you may be concerned about it carrying over or not to the full release of the game. After all, one of the most frustrating things about demos and betas is having to redo any progress when the full game comes out! Here is the answer to whether save progress transfers over to the full release of Final Fantasy 16 (FF16).

Explaining If Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Demo Save Progress Carries Over to the Full Game

Square Enix confirmed that any progress made in the FF16 demo will carry over when you buy and play the full game. This means you can enjoy your time with the demo and its full prologue and do more of the activities on offer without worrying that you’re wasting your time, which I love.

There is one caveat to saving your progress in the demo however. After you complete the first part of the demo, there will be a point where you can jump forward to a later stage of the game. This part of the demo is designed to show you what the higher-end combat system is like and what you’ll be working towards throughout your playthrough. This part is fully intended to be just a showcase, and anything you do here will not be transferable to the full release. Whereas in the starting area of the game in the demo, you’ll be able to fully save the game as usual to retain any progress there.

So Final Fantasy 16 demo save progress fully carries over over to the full game, outside of the later-game demo content that you can try. So play as much of the demo as you like without fear of losing your core progress!

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