Does the Episodes From Liberty City Manual Hint At New GTA Game?


A page found in the manual of the recently-released Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City may be teasing the existence of the next GTA game.

The picture you see here is from the manual for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, and it announces what we knew – that Ballad of Gay Tony marked the end of Rockstar’s return to Liberty City, and that the developers would be moving on to greener pastures. “Liberty City, It’s Over!” reads the card, but the interesting part is the next bit.

The card says “Next Stop,” but the relevant bit that would (presumably) be there has been “torn out.” We can catch a glimpse of what looks like a vaguely Alpine setting – mountains, pools, pine trees – though as a clue, it’s completely spotty at the absolute best. The only other hint on the page read “Theatre Seagull” (which doesn’t ring any bells) and “Opens Everywhere March.”

It’s easy to interpret this as a teaser for the next GTA game (despite what Strauss Zelnick has to say), and I’m sure that people will be wildly speculating about the setting, but I’m not so sure. March 2010, after all, is the stated date for Rockstar’s cowboy action game Red Dead Redemption, so this could very well be a teaser for that game instead. Though if it is, I’m not sure where the pine trees would come into play – I’m pretty sure they don’t exist in the desert.

What do you think? GTA5, Red Dead Redemption, or Rockstar North having a bit of fun at our expense?

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