Donkey Kong World Record Reclaimed by the Nice Guy


Steve Wiebe has once again stolen the Donkey Kong crown from his sinister, sheen-haired rival.

The Donkey Kong high score is back in the hands of everyman Steve Wiebe, and all is right with the world. The battle made famous in The King of Kong has raged since the movie’s credits rolled, with Wiebe seeming to falter at the hands of his rival and a newcomer, but now he’s back on top.

After challenger Hank Chien once jumped between Wiebe and arch-nemesis Billy Mitchell’s back-and-forth for the Donkey Kong high score, Mitchell took Chien down in early August. Despite many popularized attempts to jump back into the game since 2007, Wiebe was having a rough go at it.

Until now. Twin Galaxies just announced that Steve Wiebe has beaten Mitchell’s previous world record Donkey Kong score of 1,062,800 with a point total of 1,064,500. He played the game all summer, and just before having to return to school – where he works as a teacher – Wiebe put together a world record game.

Anyone that has seen King of Kong knows that Mitchell comes off as, well, a bit of a dick. Wiebe is portrayed as the underdog, nice guy challenger that always seems to come out of nowhere, and he’s certainly played into that role once again with the new record.

I swear, I’ll never tire of the Donkey Kong competitive scene after seeing the masterpiece that is King of Kong. But to Hank Chien: just stay out of this okay? This good versus evil rivalry doesn’t need a third wheel gumming up the works (I’m kidding, do what you like).

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