Don’t Flush Your Eyes, It’s Chemical Spillage Simulator

Chemical Spillage Simulator

Like Gordon Freeman, but without all the excitement.

Do you regularly hear the tick of a Geiger counter, even when there are none around? Do you have a strong opinion on brands of hazmat suits? Have you alienated loved ones with your insistence on an easily accessible chemical inventory posted in the kitchen? Despite your obvious relationship issues, there is hope. Now, you can find an outlet for your life’s passions, as Chemical Spillage Simulator launches June 14th.

“Double check your hazard suit, because you’re part of the Special Chemical Disaster Prevention unit,” the scintillating summary proclaims. It announces that you’ll soon be “handling some of the most dangerous materials in the world that are both toxic and very deadly! You’ll need to seek out these materials using a selection of different tools to combat the spills before they cause any harm to any civilians.” If you squint, it almost reads like some new Toxic Avenger game. Then you see the picture of the firetruck, and you’re sucked back into a world where the “days since last accident” sign has never reached double digits.

Chemical Spillage Simulator is the latest in Excalibur Publishing’s crusade to simulate every aspect of industrial operations. It comes hot on the heels of such classics as Underground Mining Simulator, Garbage Truck Simulator, and the ever-popular Farm Simulator series. As its titles become increasingly minute in scope, one has to wonder how far it’ll go to fulfil its mad vision quest to simulate the entire world. Wherever your journey takes you, godspeed Excalibur, godspeed.

Source: Excalibur Publishing

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