Don’t Starve Together Coming This Summer as Multiplayer Expansion

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Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve will have a free multiplayer expansion for current customers and is expected to have the normal features of the single player version.

In a post to the company’s forums, Klei Entertainment announced it will be bringing multiplayer to Don’t Starve. Don’t Starve Together will come to Steam and Standalone late summer as an alpha build, but a PS4 multiplayer expansion isn’t in the cards yet.

Klei Entertainment’s Joe Wreggelsworth explained why the company is now embracing multiplayer in Don’t Starve, a complete reversal from the company firmly saying it was focusing on single-player content.

“We promised we would make Don’t Starve the best single player game that we could,” Wreggelsworth wrote. “To us, this meant using the resources that we had allocated to Don’t Starve and keeping them focused on delivering on that promise. We were not willing to sacrifice our goals for the game to work on a multiplayer version.” Klei Entertainment has now brought on new members to the team to work on Don’t Starve Together, and after an office-wide session of the game, Klei Entertainment is convinced a multiplayer expansion is worth bringing to the community.

Don’t Starve Together will be available for free to all current owners of the game on Steam and Standalone. When the alpha is available, the price of the game will increase to $19.99. Klei Entertainment estimates an early alpha build will be available for Steam Early Access. It will have most to all of the normal features of single player Don’t Starve but balanced for multiplayer. Don’t Starve Together will support two to four players simultaneously. Wreggelsworth wrote that the company is aiming for more.

For anyone uninterested in multiplayer, Wreggelsworth noted the single player version will be unaffected.

Source: Klei Entertainment

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