Dr. Manhattan’s Big Blue … Adventure


Been to see Watchmen yet? Had enough of Dr. Manhattan’s large, blue Dr. Johnson? No, no you haven’t – at least not yet. (Watchmen spoilers, NSFW)

*Video is somewhat NSFW*

If you’ve seen Watchmen (or read the comic), you’ll get the joke right away. If you haven’t – and don’t mind being spoiled – here’s the skinny: Dr. Manhattan, one of the story’s characters, goes around naked for most of the movie (and book). Manhattan is a rather large male whose skin glows a neon blue – henceforth, there’s quite a lot of big blue ding-dong throughout the film.

Some people apparently feel that Watchmen wasn’t wangtacular enough, though – and their video of a retro-style Watchmen game starring Manhattan in the vein of Streets of Rage … well, let’s just say that it serves to remind us that no matter how mediocre Watchmen: The End Is Nigh was, it could always be worse.

Really, I think the video says it all. The video says more than enough, actually. Just remember, when you’re watching Dr. Manhattan cross laser-schlongs with the similarly-neon Jolly Green Giant, think about it: Somebody actually took the time to animate all of this. Their hard work (rock-hard, perhaps?) is our gain … well, a kind of gain.

I guess we know who’ll be making a guest appearance in the next GTA IV DLC pack, hmm?

(Philadelphia Gaming News Examiner)

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