Dragon Rage Abounds In Live-Action Skyrim Trailer


Wanna see a totally wicked sweet dragon? Thanks to Bethesda Softworks, we’ve got you covered.

As is the current trend, the latest trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim brings the game’s key concepts into the world of live-action video. And what are those key concepts, you ask? Surly-lookin’ warriors and a huge winged lizard with serious anger management issues.

Granted, the clip ends right before the beast goes appropriately medieval on that dude’s armored tuchus, but as far as teasing the game’s epic man-on-dragon encounters, the trailer works a charm.

I will admit that these live-action game trailers, when done well, are quite stirring, and serve to translate the game’s overtures to the real world; which is exactly what a publisher wishing to entrance the common man should be aiming for. That said, why is this a trend?

Sure, the Halo 3 diorama ad was haunting and effective, and a brilliant swerve for gamers more accustomed to footage of actual gameplay, but at what point did publishers decide that live-action was the best way to advertise a product that is the antithesis of real-world footage?

No hypotheticals there. I’d actually like you to think about that, and throw out your best ideas as to why this advertising shift has occurred.

Personally, I’m blaming Nintendo for this one. 1991 was a really weird year.

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