Dragon’s Crown Gets New Outfit Options


Atlus has unveiled new outfit, audio, and control options for Dragon’s Crown.

While much ado has been about some of the more ill-proportioned aspects of Dragon’s Crown’s presentation, Atlus would like to point out some of the game’s more customizable aspects. In turn, the company has recently revealed which elements of the game players will be able to adjust. Some of the options are arguably kind of minor. Chances are there aren’t too many gamers who will bat an eye at the ability to name their character in this day and age. That being the case, there are a few things that players might appreciate.

On the audio end, players will have the option to switch between the English and Japanese combat voices. While chances are most English-speaking players will stick with the English voice options, this does give a convenient way to avoid any of the potentially annoying repeat phrases that sometimes crop up in games like this. Then again, if you’re fluent in Japanese, it could just open up a whole new selection of audible aggravation.

Arguably bigger than voice options are newly unveiled outfit color choices which, in a few cases, also include altered skin colors. These will likely be appreciated by players who don’t fit in with the often less than diverse ethnicities sometimes presented in fantasy titles akin to Dragon’s Crown. That being the case, the game could probably still have done better on this front. While the Elf and the Dwarf will have a wider racial range, the other characters are still pretty pale.

The biggest reveal for me personally is the option to swap the game’s native analog controls for the Vita’s D-pad. Maybe it’s because I grew up playing an NES, but it’s always felt unnatural to me to try and play a sidescrolling game with analog sticks. So, in short, hooray for that change. Players interested in trying out these customization options don’t have much longer to wait. Dragon’s Crown lands on the Vita on August 6th.

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