Dreadnought Enters Open Beta on PC


You can now try out the class-based spaceship action game Dreadnought, as its open beta kicked off today on PC.

If you’ve ever flown around in a spaceship game and thought that your ship was too damn small, then Dreadnought is for you. You’ll fly massive capital ships in teams, trying to take out the opposing team.

The open beta will add a new map named Ixion, which is the biggest map yet added to the game. The official description of the new map reads, “Situated in space 60,000 kilometers above Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, this new battleground forces players to maneuver around the colossal orbital ring that dominates its center. Narrow gaps within the superstructure allow ships to cross from one side to the other, but players must be wary of what dangers lurk on the other side.” The open beta will also add night versions of the two maps that are already in the game, Rings of Saturn and Red Sands

The beta is free-to-play, and you can jump in by going to the game’s official website. There are 50 different ships with a number of different specializations, from long-range sniping to support to short-range hit and run combat.

The open beta is only on PC, but there’s also a closed beta on PS4 that you can sign up for here.

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