Dreamwave Adds Transformers’ Creators


November 16, 2004 –

Dreamwave Productions – the largest Canadian publisher of comic books and graphic novels – announces that the company will be taking bold, new steps as it moves into 2005. Dreamwave’s most significant comic book line, Transformers, has recently been hit with demanding production schedules due to a creative team that has been working on multiple projects. As a result, there have been delays in publishing several Transformers comic titles on a monthly basis.

“Dreamwave Productions values our dedicated fan base and would like to assure these fans that we are taking the necessary steps to fix this problem says Dreamwave Vice President, Roger Lee. “To see that all Transformers comics will be published without delays, we are announcing additions to the Transformers’ creative teams”.

“We’re very confident that these additions will improve the stories and art that have contributed to Dreamwave’s popularity with our fans” says Lee. “Original Transformers’ writer Chris Sarracini – author of the #1 selling comic book: the original Volume One of the ‘Transformers G1’ series – will be weaving his magic again, this time on the comic titles ‘Transformers Generation One Ongoing’ and ‘Transformers/G.I. Joe Divided Front.'”

Sarracini will be reunited with superstar artist – Pat Lee – whose innovative art style was a principal factor in the huge popularity of the original Dreamwave Productions’ comic book series. Also -Transformers’ television scriptwriter – Simon Furman – will be joining artist Don Allan Figueroa in the brand new Transformers comic book mini-series – Beast Wars that will be released in February.

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