Dreamwave’s DMC #2 Sells Out




Dreamwave’s Devil May Cry #2 Sells Out!

DMC is hotter than Hell!

According to the latest figures from Diamond Comic Distributors, Dreamwave’s comic book adaptation of the Capcom fan-favorite video game Devil May Cry has COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!

This is the second book in a four-part miniseries based on the adventures of the wise-cracking half-demon, half-human paranormal investigator Dante. The first issue was also an instant hit, selling out and immediately going to a second printing!

The momentum for DMC has been strong from the get-go, with huge fan support for the dynamic artwork by Dreamwave’s president and superstar artist, Pat Lee as well as the writing team of James McDonough and Adam Patyk.

“This is just an awesome development,” Lee said. “I think for both me, James and Adam-it’s a mix of excitement as well as a tremendous sense of pride, to hear that fans are enjoying DMC as much as we are. What can I say? It’s just great news for the title-especially for a second issue!”

DMC Book Three: Angel With The Scabbed Wings will be out in mid-September 2004. With two sell-outs in a row, be sure to reserve your copy today!

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