DSi Getting Its Own Virtual Console?


Nintendo may be planning a Virtual Console-esque service for the Nintendo DSi that will sell classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles.

If you weren’t sold on the DSi before, you might be now. According to a reporter who attended a Club Nintendo event this last weekend, Nintendo will be creating a Virtual Console of sorts for the DSi that will digitally sell classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles to be played on the DSi.

This would certainly go some way to alleviate the hardware’s lack of a GBA cartridge slot, though obviously it would entail buying the GBA games you want to play but already own all over again. You won’t exactly be getting tons of selection, either, at least not to begin with. Nintendo will launch the service with only a handful of first-party classics. Not too bad, I guess: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Land, the old Pokemon games, there should be plenty of good stuff for the buying.

Kombo claims that the Nintendo representative at the event says that you’ll be able to save and run these games off an SD Card, but another Nintendo rep denied this.

The company officially confirmed that downloadable Game Boy games would be available in Japan, but has yet to say anything for Europe and North America. Nintendo chief dude Satoru Iwata is giving his keynote tomorrow at GDC, however, so expect some kind of official news soon.

It is nice to hear about a DSi feature that has something to do with actual games as opposed to the thing having ten million cameras on it, but I’m still a bit on the fence. Do I really need another DS?

[Via CVG]

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