DSi-Only Titles Coming in the Fall


The first titles to rely on the DSi’s upgrades may be coming soon.

Sources tell Kotaku that the first retail Nintendo DSi-only games will be available in the fall. The DSi not only added two cameras, an internal web browser, a music player, internal memory, and an SD card slot, but also upgraded the DS’s internal components somewhat. Apparently we now have a general timeframe as to when we will be seeing the results of developers taking advantage of the system’s new features.

DSi-specific titles will be packaged differently to make sure that shoppers know the difference. They are going to be sold in white cases (in opposition to the DS’s current grey cases), which sounds similar to how Wii games are packaged. Cries of “Mommy this won’t turn on!” are likely anyway.

Just what the upcoming DSi-only games will be able to to that is so special is anybody’s guess, but a hint comes by way of the first announced DSi-only title for Japan. Monster Finder is coming to the region this winter, and features the ability to use the DSi’s camera to capture monsters that you will force into battle.

A monster capturing game? How novel! Even though the idea is played out, I can’t say it still doesn’t appeal to me in a deep, dark way that I’ll never understand. I hope to see some really creative retail DSi-only games, especially now that we’ve seen what can be done through DSiWare.

Source: Kotaku

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