Duke Nukem Messes With Timestream in Comic Mini-Series


Duke Nukem has some time traveling to do in his upcoming comic book mini-series.

Duke Nukem Forever isn’t the only adventure Duke Nukem will be embarking upon this summer. He’s also got a comic book mini-series called Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard coming from IDW Publishing that’ll expand further on his legacy. What’s going to be in it? I thought you’d never ask.

Writer Tom Waltz talked to Comic Book Resources about the four-issue mini-series that he called “fun as hell to write.” He revealed that Glorious Bastard will begin with Duke just hanging around in his mansion, drinking and enjoying the company of many females, when a 90+ year-old French woman appears and flatlines the party. She reveals that she and Duke helped to repel an alien invasion back in 1945 Nazi Germany, and she has to bring him back in time to ensure that this victory becomes cemented within the timestream. It doesn’t make much sense in regards to the natural flow of time because… ah forget it, it’s Duke Nukem. He can do what he wants.

CBR also received two preview pages of Glorious Bastard in black-and-white with no text from artist Xermanico. Duke Nukem looks a little evil in black-and-white, I’ve got to say, especially with passed-out drunk women strewn about his bedroom.

The videogame industry has been putting out some decent comic books lately, including those for Mass Effect, InFamous 2, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which is my favorite). I sincerely hope that the Duke doesn’t let us down with his future effort, set to hit comic book shelves in July. Duke Nukem Forever is scheduled to hit a month earlier on June 14.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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